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Directions to Joanne's Fitness Studio - Newtown, CT
If you're interested in maintaining or improving your level of fitness, prefer small group classes or private classes, plus highly personalized service, please contact:

Joanne's Fitness Studio
Ph. (203) 270 - 0292
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Our address is 316 South Main St., Newtown, CT.

I will be happy to discuss your fitness goals, explain our programs, and provide a tour of our studio.

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Joanne Lockwood, Owner (learn more about our fitness trainers)
Personal Attention
"I have been attending Joanne’s Fitness Studio since she opened in 2006.
The results from the cardio and weight training classes have been beneficial to my health and well-being.
I also enjoy the camaraderie and the personal attention Joanne gives every one of us.
I look forward to my classes every week!"
... Kathy Maguire (more testimonials)
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